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Having a Glance at the Oligofructose Prebiotics Applications

Oligofructose Prebiotics and Inulin are among the most beneficial and common prebiotics that are becoming increasingly important as people are striving to supplement the intake of dietary fiber. These prebiotics are derived from plant fiber and naturally present in a wide variety of food items like onions, garlic, whole grains, leeks, chicory roots and Jerusalem antichoke. The prebiotic fiber is essential for healthy lower gut microbiota development and overall health.

Applications of Oligofructose Prebiotics:

As Food Supplements: Oligofructose prebiotics are used as food supplements and are available as a pure white powder. These have a slight sweet taste and dissolve instantly in any fluid. When Oligofructose enters the colon in the lower side of abdomen, it is fermented immediately in the large intestine and used by the bacteria residing in that part of colon; here it helps in multiplying healthy bacteria. A healthy bacterial mix of Oligofructose with another prebiotic fiber, Inulin positively affects health conditions like lower gut problems, hardened arteries, lower bone strength and obesity. Oligofructose Enriched Inulin has several health benefits like positive bacterial action throughout the colon and nourishment of digestive health. Thus it helps to maintain a healthy digestive tract and enhances regularity.

Oligofructose prebiotics supplements have lots of health benefits; they help in promoting digestive health by stimulating the beneficial bacteria present in the colon. They boost calcium absorption in the body, which is important to build and maintain strong bones. These nutritional supplements have a positive effect on other minerals absorption too. These dietary supplements, being rich in fiber help to maintain a feeling of fullness for a long time after eating. They enhance the nutritional value of food products by increasing the content of dietary fiber and reducing the content of calorie, keeping the taste and other properties of food intact. To buy oligofructoseprebiotics supplements at the best prices, one can opt for the leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Chicory inulin is naturally-occurring and extracted from chicory root. Chicory inulin & oligofructose are helpful in maintaining natural, healthful bacteria in the lower Gastro Intestinal tract and enhancing dietary calcium absorption.

Oligofructose prebiotics is sweet in flavor and is used in a variety of sugar-free foods. About half as sweet as table sugar, it can be taken as nutritional supplements as powder or pill. As these are not broken down in the stomach or small intestine, they do not contribute to the total intake of calories.

In Pet Food: Oligofructose Prebiotics are gaining interest from pet food manufacturers, pet owners, feed manufacturers and livestock producers. Inulin and oligofructose prebiotics are present in feed ingredients like barley, wheat, wheat by-products and peanut hulls. These play a significant role in improving gut microbial ecology and enhancing stool quality in companion animals. In case of poultry and livestock, prebiotics are employed to reduce fecal odor, enhance growth performance and control pathogenic bacteria. There are remarkable positive effects of prebiotics on the performance and health status of companion animals, poultry and livestock.

In Infant Foods: Adding Oligofructose Prebiotics to an infant formula, a bifidogenic effect can be obtained in infants and toddlers. The addition of prebiotics to infant formula softens stools and has no side-effects. Oligofructose along with inulin to human can alter the gut flora composition in favor of bifidobacteria, which is a purportedly beneficial genus. It has an important role in developing a healthy immune system in infants.