Isomalto Oligasaccharide

Large Applications of Liquid oligofructose

Liquid oligofructose is a food ingredient that has certain physiological effects. Such properties provide wide scopes for producing foods that are low in fat and calories, offer additional health benefits and yet tasty. Oligofructose is quite similar to sucrose and it is not cariogenic. Oligofructose is present in a wide variety of foods including onions, honey, whole grains, leeks, fortified foods and some fruits.

Applications of Liquid Oligofructose:

Liquid oligofructose is used in manufacturing health promoting, high fiber food products, which do not compromise with taste and texture. Inulin and oligofructose upgrade the taste and textures in a large number of food applications. As an alternative sweetener, oligofructose is used in a variety of foods like baked goods and breads, dairy products, dietetic products and meat products. Oligofructose sweetener produces nutritionally enhanced products. Inulin and oligofructose together develop many functional foods. Since oligofructose calories are less than sucrose, it serves as a sugar substitute mainly in bakery products and dairy products.

Liquid oligofructose does not cause much of gastrointestinal disturbances and therefore are used as consumer-acceptable chewing gum products. Using oligofructose, chewing gum product can be stabilized for longer period. Oligofructose is used as an encapsulating agent in high-intensity sweeteners and in gum compositions. Oligofructose is resistant against tooth decay and promotes the absorption of minerals.

In dairy products: Oligofructose syrup is used in dairy products like milk drinks, lactobacillus beverage, acidophilus milk, milk powder etc.

In beverages: Oligofructose sweetener is used in a variety of beverages including tea, coffee, drinks, soy milk, soft drinks, liquor etc.

In bakery: Oligofructose as an alternative sweetener to sucrose is commonly used in manufacturing bread, cookies, pudding and other fast foods. It is also used in candies, jelly, pudding and Japanese-style dim sum.

Other applications: Liquid Oligofructose is used in pickles, Tofu and various meat products and aquatic products.

Oligofructose supplements have the potential to promote weight loss. Research on oligofructose nutrition proves that it reduces energy intake and improves lipid profiles. In the overweight adults oligofructose improves lipid profiles and glucose regulation and stimulates satiety hormone secretion.

Inulin and oligofructose are functional food ingredients; they are able to affect the physiological and biochemical processes in your body resulting in improved health and risk reduction of many diseases. Oligofructose complex can regulate the carbohydrate and lipid metabolism by reducing the levels of blood glucose. It also lowers the blood urea and uric acid levels. Inulin and oligofructose reduce the occurrences of colon cancer.

Liquid Oligofructose is non cariogenic and is not used by Streptococcus mutans to produce acids and insoluble glucans which cause dental caries. Because of its large number of health promoting functions, oligofructose benefits are plenty and therefore, is has a wide range of applications. It is used in various types of foods like milk desserts, confectionery, yogurt and fresh cheese, fruit preparations, baked goods, ice cream, sauces and chocolates.

Oligofructose Complex plays a significant role in solving the problems of poor mineral absorption. It is also beneficial in solving ineffective anti-oxidant protection. Oligofructose Complex helps in keeping the minerals soluble in intestines where absorption occurs and protects the minerals during digestion so that free radical development is prevented.